Venture Beyond the Academic / Отвъд академичното

US – Bulgaria art competition and exhibition!

Here is opening of the exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria

MIKA Foundation together with its US partner Arts Council Lake Erie West and the Bulgarian Foundation TROTOARA has the pleasure to invite all art lovers to visit the unusual exhibtion “Venture Beyond the Academic / Отвъд академичното”!

Our jury of 9 people has chosen 43 works of art from three art schools in Sofia, Bulgaria. The exhibition will include also up to 50 works of art from Toledo, OH, USA.


During the one month exhibition the authors and other young people will be organizing various interesting events. The common feature between the later is the free entrance for all their fellows! Follow our facebook page for more information.

The international exhibition “Venture Beyond the Academic / Отвъд академичното” can be seen until February 19th 2018.


Just as the cold days are already here and you wonder where to go! Soon T.R.A.P. will offer this warm opportunity.

There will be the exhibition BEYOND THE ACADEMYC!

There you can meet with friends!

There will happen very cool things!

… to be continued …


And all this thanks to the TROTOARA Foundation!


  1. Opportunity to participate in an international exhibition.
  2. Relations with Bulgarian participants through a Bulgarian-American art group.
  3. Certificates for participation in an international exhibition.
  4. Exhibition space in Sofia, where each of the winners will have the right to initiate their own event in accordance with our goals.
  5. A series of free events.




REQUIREMENTS – NO REQUIREMENTS, but still (to not wonder):

  • The art works should be on paper, cardboard or anything else (but not digital);
  • To fit in 150/150 cm;
  • It could be a comic book, a picture illustration … or something else;
  • 1 piece per participant is accepted (this may mean your arrangement by small ones re-entering max 150/150 cm).





  • creativity;
  • a sense of aesthetics;
  • personal attitude.


This project is funded with the kind assistance of US Embassy in Bulgaria.