Hi, I am Mina Raduncheva. In July 2015, I gathered positive energy and received the necessary support to establish Mika Foundation. The reason – my desire to devote myself to personal growth of children and young people in Bulgaria. Together with our allies, we have set a goal to create an environment in which youngsters have the opportunity to develop their talents and imagination.




Hello, my name is Martin Svetoslavov. I am a volunteer since 2009 and work mostly for capacity building of different levels and groups, increasing the sensitivity of socially significant problems, helping disadvantaged communities and community organizing. I am part of Mika Foundation since June 2016. I have desire to work with young people and support them developing their ideas and potential.


Hi, my name is Anabel and I’m 18 years old. I joined Mika Foundation in the summer of 2016. I study art and this is one of the things that really inspire me. I consider myself to be an actively seeking and establishing my identity young person, eager for development. That’s why I strongly believe in volunteering and active way of life as important steps in this process.





My name is Teodora. I’ve been working with marketing and sociology. I’m part of the team of Mika Foundation since the fall of 2016. I have taken part in various volunteer and youth initiatives. They helped me to learn a lot about youngsters and gave me a different point of view, besides meeting interesting people and having fun.