Project PILOT

Let’s start with Project PILOT

MIKA needs a home. Project PILOT is the first of the foundation and aims to creare a space of creativity which will be a home of talents.

What is Project PILOT about?

Building a center for art, crafts, and trainings near Sofia. Children and young people will be able to attend the center for free. The team is going to be formed of a few staff members in active employment, as well as, volunteers – from Bulgaria, but mostly from abroad. The goal is to encourage closer contact with cultures and foreign languages. The construction of the center is going to be financed by programs and donations.

For profit activities will ensure sustainable functioning of the center. The project includes renting out spaces for events. The collected income is going to cover the expenses for the non-profit activities of the foundation.

How it is going to look?

Plan ARCH copy

What are we going to do?

The center for arts and crafts of MIKA Foundation is going to offer children and young people variety of activities. In the ateliers and workshops they will get acquainted with fine and applied arts (for example fine arts, graphic, working with textile, leather, wood, clay, and others). They are going to benefit from interactive foreign languages courses and cultural experiences. All that, as well as games and sports, will be done surrounded by nature.