Project “I share, you share”

“I share, you share” introduces young people to the variety of opportunities they have: professions, as well as cultures, people and countries they can visit and learn how to identify their future and help other people do the same, learning from each other!

Life in today’s society requires a high level of respect and understanding of different cultures, offering multiple options at the same time. Everyone has different interests and talents. By encouraging others to learn new things one is stimulated to do the same through the best possible way: art and “teaching”.

Providing initial information about the variety of professions and specialties, cultures and places you can visit will encourage young people to seek information and to learn about new opportunities for development.  Sometimes there is a completely different way of life that one can see and feel (through the experience of others) through meetings and informational and fun videos on online social networks. To accomplish that we are using online social networks and videos made for and by young people. In this way, through art and transmission of knowledge, “I share, you share” presents to the young people the variety of possibilities that can build their future, assists them in planning it, and contributes to shaping strong personalities with vision and standpoint.