#Makeupstories, January 2018

How do we come up with the best stories? Walking around? In inspiring environment? With friends? Spontaneously? As a joke? Just to relax and let your imagination free! Together we created #makeupstories ! We had one hat full of many symbols […]

Fairytelling Vol. 2, January 2018

After the success of the first edition of Magical Fairytelling we did it again! This time we shared our favorite fairy tales for children (or not so much 😉 ). We called our every grown up child to read a tale […]

Little ones visiting our exhibition, January 2018

Our exhibition Venture Beyond the Academic/Отвъд академичното reached the youngest among us! The paintings inspired the children to create right away. Some of them set up long standing goals: “I will be a painter!” she said with confidence.

MOGA Fest, August 2017

On August, 26 we are going to climb to Etropole and together with Trotoara Foundation and a lot of young people we are going to create with our hands at  МОГА Фест. We will begin with our favorite delicious energy balls […]

Magical Fairytelling, May 2017

Everyone has a favorite fairytale from childhood (or from a later on), one that had influence, one considered as significant for his life. So why don’t we get together and read some stories? Why don’t you feel again the magic of that beloved phrase – “read me a fairytale!”. Fairytales are always a good idea. Welcome to our Friday night to dive again in the beautiful and carefree world, recalling […]

TRAP Fest Open Air, May 2017

TRAP Fest Open Air, art festival, music and handmade goods. We took part in it with a lot of excitement – we made delicious energy rough balls, we did art with beans, we made soups, we did henna painting! More about […]